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6 Week Programme – Core & Back

Here is a taster of what is in store for Week 4, Tuesday 29th September, book here to join me. The Core When planning an exercise routine for the core, lots of people focus on the superficial core muscles – rectus abdominis and external obliques. Having a strong core is not about the aesthetics, it’s […]

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6 Week Programme – Hips & Glutes

Here is a taster of what is in store for Week 3, Tuesday 22nd September, book here to join me. The Hips The hip joint bears the weight of the pelvis and provides structural stability for the whole body, while at the same time allowing us to walk, sit, jump etc. The pelvis provides the […]

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Wellbeing Wednesday – Get Out of Your Own Way

I was reminded this week of a wonderful quote by Erin Hanson which inspired this blog. “What if I fall. Oh but darling, what if you fly!” It reminded me of all the barriers we put up: fear of failing, being judged. Fear that we aren’t quite good enough, will never be good enough. Fear […]

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6 Week Programme: Week 2 – Quads & Hamstrings

Here’s a taster of what’s in store for Week 2, Tuesday 15th September, book here to join me.   The Quadriceps (Quads) The quads are four muscles which make up the front of the thigh. All four muscles insert via the quadriceps tendon, to the kneecap, allowing extension in the knee. Three out of the four […]

Wellbeing Wednesday – Leaving Lockdown

  For this weeks Wellbeing Wednesday blog post I want to talk about something that has been sitting heavy on my heart for a while now. The notation of change, of vulnerability, in particular these emotions surrounding the transition out of lockdown. I have been hearing this phrase a lot lately: ‘I’ve found it harder […]

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6 Week Programme

Back by Popular Demand! I will be holding a series of classes aimed at deepening your understanding on how yoga benefits the body. The programme will increase your knowledge, build confidence and ultimately enhance your yoga practice. For many people tight and dysfunctional muscles, ligaments and tendons can lead to poor posture and an increase […]

Wellbeing Wednesday – Miracle Morning

Thank you to everyone who tuned into my Wellbeing Wednesday Instagram Live’s. I have decided to change up the format and instead of an interview I will be writing a blog every fortnight on a different Wellbeing topic. Miracle Morning Hands up if the first thing you do when you open your eyes is reach […]

My Top 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga

It’s a strange and uncertain time, with everyone facing their own challenges and concerns. Yoga can be an excellent way to build both our mental and physical strength, I highly recommend incorporating yoga practice into your weekly routine; here are 10 reasons why: Time to Pause In the whirlwind l call life, yoga gives pockets […]