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Movement & Mindfulness

10 Week Transformational Journey, from Stress & Overwhelm to Connection & Calm

Bookings for Movement & Mindfulness are now closed for 2021. 

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What if you created a new routine that prioritised Self-Care?

Yes, you can achieve this!


Do You:

Leave 'me time' to the bottom of your to do list?

Which means it rarely happens (and normally due to a cancellation).

Constantly put work commitments and other people first?

Making sure everyone else is happy before considering your own happiness?

Crave the feeling of calm and connection?

Rushing from one thing to another without a moment to pause. 


Here is what's possible when you join Movement & Mindfulness 

Create a structured routine which allows you to set time aside for self-care and prioritise your wellbeing. Gaining accountability from a group programme. 

Each Monday a different theme will be introduced, giving you a focus for the week, for example, gratitude, present moment, kindness.

Learn mindfulness practices that can help when feeling anxiousstressed or overwhelmed. Practice yoga to build strength and flexibility in the body, stillness in the mind. Helping you find calm and connection


Imagine if...

You put yourself first by making time for self-care, and didn't feel guilty about it. Knowing that you cannot fill up the cup of others without filling yours first.

You learnt mindfulness techniques which could be practically implemented into your everyday life, helping to find calm and connection.

A set routine of yoga classes could help bring strength and flexibility to your body.


What to Expect:


2 x Weekly Live Online Yoga Classes

Monday, 19:45-20:45 I Yin Yang 

Wednesday, 07:15-08:00 I Hatha

Access to Class Recordings

Live classes will be recorded and stored on a password protected page on my website, accessible for the full 10 weeks.

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Every Monday a Pre-Recorded Mindfulness Practice will be released, for example: breath work techniques, meditation practice, wellbeing talks.



Access to 10 Free Pre-Recorded Yoga Classes on my On Demand Platform.

Choose from a variety of 30 different classes.

Valid for 10 weeks.

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Kirsty from Natural Rays will be delivering two Wellbeing Talks!

In the first session we will learn how to work with our hormones to minimise frustration, stress & overwhelm. Helping re-connect with ourselves and our unique rhythm. 

In the second talk Kirsty will share her knowledge on nutrition, for example what makes us feel sluggish, how we can eat for energy and stabilise blood sugar. 

Kirsty's bio

Kirsty is a holistic health coach specialising in a functional medicine approach to helping menstruators understand their monthly cycle and work in alignment with their hormones to ditch PMS, have better energy and to feel the best versions of themselves. Kirsty helps menstruators reconnect to their inner wisdom to work in alignment with their hormones and the unique phases of their cycle to achieve more with less stress, more rest.


"Your motivation and inspiring classes have made such a difference to me and how I feel physically and mentally and I truly thank you for that."

Becki, Student


This programme is for you if...

You're ready to prioritise self-care and are looking for a structured way to do so via movement and mindfulness.

You want to improve both your physical and mental health health via the medium of yoga and mindfulness practice. 


Why Practice with Katie?

My journey to finding yoga was through a search for peace and grounding, when struggling with stress and anxiety.

Yoga and mindfulness have been transformational, brought stillness to my mind, energy to my body.  Through practice I have been able to prioritise wellbeing. My aim is to teach others how to do the same.


My Promise to YOU

This 10 week programme has been put together with the passion to pass on my learnings and help you feel more calm and connected via yoga and mindfulness.

This is an opportunity for you to create a structure to bring self-care into your week. I will be with you to guide, but you must take responsibility on creating space and time for the programme.

If after 2 weeks of completing all the sessions available you feel it's not for you, I will refund your investment, no questions asked.



When does Movement & Mindfulness start & finish?

It will begin on Monday 20th September 2021 and conclude on Sunday 28th November 2021.

How much time will it take?

Each week there will be 1 x 1 hour & 1 x 45 Minute Yoga Class and 1 x Mindfulness Practice which will be between 10-20 minutes. Therefore you will need to commit approximately 2 hours.

Can I join if I'm new to yoga & mindfulness?

Yes, this is suitable for all levels. Beginners are very much welcome to join.

What is the refund policy?

Please refer to 'My Promise to YOU' section. Refunds will be available within 14 days of purchase on the condition that you have taken part in all sessions available.

Do I need any equipment?

Yes, you will need a yoga mat, cushion and blanket. If you have yoga bricks/ blocks these can be used - don't worry if not a chunky book will do a similar job. Always good to have a bottle of water on hand too.

How do I contact you if I have a question?