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Movement & Mindfulness

Roll out your mat,

 join me on a journey from stress & overwhelm

to connection & calm.


What if you created a new routine that prioritised Self-Care?

Yes, you can achieve this!


Do You:

Leave 'me time' to the bottom of your to do list?

Which means it rarely happens (and normally due to a cancellation).

Constantly put work commitments and other people first?

Making sure everyone else is happy before considering your own happiness?

Crave the feeling of calm and connection?

Rushing from one thing to another without a moment to pause. 


Here is what's possible when you join Movement & Mindfulness 

Create a structured routine which allows you to set time aside for self-care and prioritise your wellbeing.  

Each week class will have a focus for example, gratitude, present moment, kindness.

Learn mindfulness practices that can help when feeling anxiousstressed or overwhelmed

Practice yoga to build strength and flexibility in the body, stillness in the mind. Helping you find calm and connection


Imagine if...

You put yourself first by making time for self-care, and didn't feel guilty about it. Knowing that you cannot fill up the cup of others without filling yours first.

You learnt mindfulness techniques which could be practically implemented into your everyday life, helping to find calm and connection.

A set routine of yoga classes could help bring strength and flexibility to your body.


Movement & Mindfulness Membership

Credits Renew Every 4 Weeks




4 Class Credits (Live & On-Demand)

1 Free Virtual Workshop



8 Class Credits (Live & On-Demand)

1 Free Virtual Workshop



8 Class Credits (Live & On-Demand)

1 Free Virtual Workshop

1 45 Min 1-1 Online Yoga Class


Live Classes

Monday's I 19:45-20:45 I Yin Yang

This class is the perfect combination of yoga. It dynamically blends the stamina & strength dynamic yoga will produce, followed by the longer held, gentle stillness and calming of Yin Yoga. We will build strength and flexibility, restore energy levels and create space in the mind.

Wednesday's I 07:30-08:15 I Wake Up & Flow

Kick start your morning with a 45 minute Yoga Flow. Moving your body is so important to help boost your mood and productivity. Each day we will set an intention, build strength and flexibility in the body and find space in the mind.


On Demand Classes

Access 30 Yoga & Mindfulness Videos

Pre recorded videos that can be accessed at any time:
- Variety of 15, 20, 30, 45 min & 1 hour classes⁠
- Meditations⁠
- Pose tutorials⁠
- Breath work practice⁠

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"Your motivation and inspiring classes have made such a difference to me and how I feel physically and mentally and I truly thank you for that."

Becki, Student


Movement & Mindfulness is for you if...

You're ready to prioritise self-care and are looking for a structured way to do so via movement and mindfulness.

You want to improve both your physical and mental health health via the medium of yoga and mindfulness practice. 


"I found Katie on Instagram during the pandemic and loved the poems she shared and blogs she wrote. I had always wanted to try yoga but never actually stuck at it. Whilst it took me a few weeks to get my routine, I am so so glad that I signed up for the 10 week programme. The themes, poems and relaxations alongside building on my yoga abilities has helped me to prioritise calm and quiet in a busy schedule. I love that Katie is always encouraging, gives alternative moves suited to us and is always making us smile. Thank you Katie for taking me on a journey to move more and to be mindful. I highly recommend anyone just give it a go if you want to try something new, find some quiet and feel supported by Katie. Thank you so much x"

Jade, Student


Why Practice with Katie?

My journey to finding yoga was through a search for peace and grounding, when struggling with stress and anxiety.

Yoga and mindfulness have been transformational, brought stillness to my mind, energy to my body.  Through practice I have been able to prioritise wellbeing. My aim is to teach others how to do the same.



Can I start my Membership at any time?

Yes, you start on any day of the week.

What happens if I have credits on my account when the 4 Weeks ends, can I carry them across.

No, your credits will expire after 4 weeks.

Will my Membership automatically renew?

Yes, your Membership will continue to automatically renew until you manually cancel it .

How do I cancel my Membership?

1. Login into your Instabook account
2. Select the 3 lines on the right hand side corner
3. Select Account
4. Scroll down to find your Membership - select Cancel

Do I need any equipment?

Yes, you will need a yoga mat, cushion and blanket. If you have yoga bricks/ blocks these can be used - don't worry if not a chunky book will do a similar job. Always good to have a bottle of water on hand too.

How do I contact you if I have a question?