Movement & Mindfulness

Via Yoga & Mindfulness Practice this 10 Week Programme has been designed to take you on a journey from stress & overwhelm to connection & calm

Bookings open 24th August

From £179

Next Programme begins 26th September


Like to wake up each morning feeling calm & connected, ready to seek compassion & joy?

Yes, it is possible!


Do You:

- Feel like you have been taking part in life as a spectator rather than a participant?

- Want to feel more connection and joy everyday?

- Struggle to be kind to yourself?

- Prioritise work, and let it become all consuming?


Jade, 10 Week Programme, 2021

I found Katie on Instagram during the pandemic and loved the poems she shared and blogs she wrote. I had always wanted to try yoga but never actually stuck at it. Whilst it took me a few weeks to get my routine, I am so so glad that I signed up for the 10 week programme. The themes, poems and relaxations alongside building on my yoga abilities has helped me to prioritise calm and quiet in a busy schedule. I love that Katie is always encouraging, gives alternative moves suited to us and is always making us smile. Thank you Katie for taking me on a journey to move more and to be mindful. I highly recommend anyone just give it a go if you want to try something new, find some quiet and feel supported by Katie. Thank you so much x


Here is what's possible when you join Movement & Mindfulness 

Create a routine which allows time for youprioritising your wellbeing. Gaining accountability from a group programme. 

We will weave through themes such as: Present Moment, Gratitude, Connection, Compassion & Joy, learning to lean into these emotions.

Learn mindfulness practices that can help when feeling anxiousstressed or overwhelmed. Bringing awareness to joy and compassion.

Practice yoga to build strength and flexibility in the body, stillness in the mind. 


Rachel, 10 Week Programme, 2021

I was a bit apprehensive about whether I could commit to the 10 week Movement and Mindfulness Course, or whether I had the confidence to join, but I am so glad I did. Katie's patient and excellent guidance throughout the online classes have helped boost my confidence in practising yoga as well as learning new poses, but not feeling I'm failing if there's one I can't quite, or definitely can't, do. The combination of yoga classes with talks and tips to help bring in mindfulness and other Wellbeing practices on a daily basis have also been really interesting and certainly food for thought. I'm so pleased with myself for completing the course, and extremely thankful to Katie for guiding me through it.


Bookings Open 24th August.

Programme Begins 26th September.


What to Expect

All Sessions Online


10 x Live 1 Hour Yoga Class

Weekly on Monday's, 18:30-19:30.

Combination of Hatha & Yin Yoga.

5 x Live 30 Min Yoga Class

Fortnightly on Thursday's 07:30-08:00.

Hatha Morning Flow.

5 x 30 Min Mindfulness Practice

Fortnightly, recorded sessions.

2 x Exclusive Wellbeing Wednesday Episodes

Special guests confirmed soon.

1 x Live 2 Hour Workshop

Taking place on Saturday 29th October, 9:30-11:30.

1 x 1 Hour Book Club

Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown


Everything listed above +

8 x Live Online Tuesday Evening Classes.


Everything listed in Silver +

2 x 45 Minute Online 1-1 Classes with Katie.

Live sessions part of the main programme will be available as a recording.

Brene Brown.jpeg


Free Gift for Early Birds!

Purchase within the first 7 Days of bookings opening & receive a free copy of our book club book - Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.


Wellbeing Talks

A podcast style chat on a Wellbeing topic, starting with questions from me, followed by Q+A


Kirsty, Natural Rays

Listen to Your Cycle

Wednesday 5th October, 20:00

Kirsty is a Functional Medicine Health Coach specialising in hormone health. Kirsty helps women and those that menstruate to understand their hormones and how to work with them to heal hormonal issues naturally through her unique online programme Hormone Harmony Academy.

In this talk Kirsty and I will discuss how living in harmony with your hormones and the unique phases of your cycle is an act of self love and self compassion. We will discuss how the the different phases of your cycle affects so many things including: brain function, energy, mood productivity and so much more. You will leave this talk knowing that it's okay to not feel the same way every day of the month! Kirsty will share some easy tips on how to start living more in harmony with your hormones to minimise stress so that you can feel more calm and connected to yourself.

Kirsty will help you understand your hormones, whatever stage of life you're at. 

Find out more about Kirsty here: https://www.natural-rays.com OR  https://www.instagram.com/natural_rays

Imagine if...

You put yourself first and didn't feel guilty about it. 

You learnt mindfulness techniques which could be practically implemented into your everyday life, helping to find calm and connection.

A set routine of yoga classes could help bring strength and flexibility to your body.


I can thoroughly recommend Katie's Movement and Mindfulness programme to everyone, not just as a pick me up but to improve your everyday. The blend of yoga and mindfulness is so helpful in our very busy lives.  We all need to find some time in our diaries for ourselves.

Sue, Movement & Mindfulness Programme 2021


This programme is for you if...

You're ready to prioritise yourself, feel more calm and connected, and want to seek more compassion & joy in your life.

You need accountability from a group programme and supportive community.

You want to improve both your physical and mental health via the medium of yoga and mindfulness practice. 


Are You a Beginner?

Once booked on email me to let me know you are new to Yoga and I'll send you my 45 Minute Yoga for Beginners Video for Free! You can take part in the class prior to the 10 Week Programme starting.





  • 10 x 1 Hr Live Classes

  • 5 x 30 Min Live Classes

  • 5 x 30 Min Mindfulness Practices

  • 2 x Episodes of Wellbeing Wednesday

  • 1 x 2 Hr Workshop

  • 1 x 1 Hr Book Club

Note: All Live Sessions will be Recorded



All items listed for Bronze +

8 Class Pass to Tuesday Evening Live Online Classes. Valid Tues 27th Sept - Tues 29th Nov.



All items listed for Silver +
2 x 45 Minute Online 1-1 Classes with Katie

Payment Plan Available: 50% On Booking, 50% on 1st October.

If you would like to take this option payment will be via invoice, email info@katiejyoga.com.


Why Practice with Katie?

My journey to finding yoga was through a search for peace and grounding, when struggling with stress and anxiety.

Yoga and mindfulness have been transformational, brought stillness to my mind, energy to my body.  Through practice I have been able to prioritise wellbeing. My aim is to teach others how to do the same.


My Promise to YOU

This 10 week programme has been put together with the passion to pass on my learnings and help you feel more calm and connected, and seek compassion and joy via yoga and mindfulness.

This is an opportunity for you to create a routine which prioritises you in your week. I will be with you to guide, but you must take responsibility on creating space and time for the programme.

If after 2 weeks of completing all the sessions available you feel it's not for you, I will refund your investment, no questions asked.




When does the Movement & Mindfulness Programme start & finish?

It will begin on Monday 26th September and conclude on Sunday 4th December 2022.

How much time will it take?

Each week there will be 1 x 1 Hour (Monday) & 1 x 30 Minute Class (Thursday/ Recorded). There is a 2hr Workshop and 1 Hr Bookclub. Option to add additional classes with Silver & Gold packages.

Can I join if I'm new to yoga & mindfulness?

Yes, this is suitable for all levels. Beginners are very much welcome to join.

What is the refund policy?

Please refer to 'My Promise to YOU' section. Refunds will be available within 14 days of purchase on the condition that you have taken part in all sessions available.

Do I need any equipment?

Yes, you will need a yoga mat, cushion and blanket. If you have yoga bricks/ blocks these can be used - don't worry if not a chunky book will do a similar job. Always good to have a bottle of water on hand too. If you need to purchase any equipment Yoga Matters is a great site I use for my own equipment.

Can I pay in instalments

Yes, there is the option to pay 50% on booking and 50% on 1st October. If you would like to take this option payment will be made via invoice rather than online booking system. Email info@katiejyoga.com to book.

How do I contact you if I have a question?