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Breathwork Practice - Healing

Updated: Aug 2

Anyone else going through a period of healing at the moment? I feel that the past 18 months have taken its toll on my mental health. Now that we’re supposed to be out and about and happy that restrictions are easing I just feel exhausted, nervous and unsure. Can anyone relate?

I need to keep reminding myself that it’s ok to take things at a slower pace. That my body and mind have been through a lot, and that the expectation to be running at 100% all the time is not sustainable. This expectation which comes mainly from myself, not others.

Im saying these things out loud incase you need the reminder too.

It’s okay

“It’s okay to feel down. It’s okay to not hold it all together. It’s okay to wish things were different. Beautiful friend, it’s okay to feel everything you’re feeling. Even when you think you’re supposed to be strong, it’s okay not to be. It’s okay to lean on someone else. It’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you are weak; asking for help makes you strong. Give yourself time, allow yourself to let go of everything you’ve been holding in because I promise allowing yourself to be vulnerable only makes you stronger.” Nikki Banas, Shine from Within

This poem is a great reminder to let down our guard, be honest with ourselves and others, and work through the feeling of vulnerability to find strength. I feel very much in the midst of this journey, it's been hard but so rewarding.

Here's an exercise I find really helpful:

Find a comfortable seat, sit up tall, lift through the crown of the head, let hands rest in lap and close eyes (if that feels ok).

Begin by breathing in through the nose and out through the nose.

Start to acknowledge the breath, the natural rhythm, rise and fall of chest and belly. The breathe will anchor you into the present moment, allow you to be here and now, be fully aware.

Allow your attention to scan down the body, starting at your head and then all the way down the body to the toes. Notice how you are feeling today, just notice, don’t judge. If you feel any tension or tightness in the body, send the exhale there. Let the body relax and release.

Take approximately 3 minutes here. Slowly begin to blink the eyes open.

Give this exercise a go if you need to find a moment of healing in your day.

Make sure you take time for yourself in the day, join my Free 5 Day Challenge, start any day of the week: Click Here to join.

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