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Top 5 Reasons To Go On A Yoga Retreat

Updated: Aug 2

Reconnect With Yourself

Going on a yoga retreat means taking yourself out of the everyday grind. Not only are you taking time away from work, but also from housework, caring responsibilities, life admin. It’s a chance to escape from it all and treat yourself to being completely relaxed, giving space and time to reconnect to your true self. This time is so precious as we live our lives rushing from one thing to the next without taking time to stop – which can lead to burnout, take time to pause before your body forces you too.

Focus On Yoga & Mindfulness

How often do you practice yoga, once a fortnight? Once a week? How often would you like to practice yoga - once a day? Going on a yoga retreat dedicates time to yoga and mindfulness with no distractions, it’s the main focus of the day! On my Retreats we have a yoga workshop in the mornings and a gentle yoga class in the evenings. During workshops we break down the poses, learn correct alignment, where we should be feeling the stretch – an interactive and informative session. The gentle yoga class is a chance to relax and restore with a long visualisation to calm the mind.

Connect To Nature

I'm very particular when choosing Retreat locations - it needs to have the wow factor, in a special part of the UK. Both Salcombe and Bourton-on-the-Water are located in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In Salcombe we make the most of being by the sea and take some stunning coastal walks, feeling the sea breeze on our skin. In Bourton-on-the-Water the venue has a private lake and wonderful garden, with beautiful countryside surrounding. Both places provide opportunity for you to get out into nature, listen to the birds, feel the sun on your skin (hopefully!) and breathe in fresh air.

Make Like-Minded Friends

Having now run 5 yoga retreats it’s incredible to see each group arrive as strangers and leave as friends. It doesn’t matter whether you join the Retreat alone or with a friend, as yogi’s we come together and enjoy the experience as a group, finding laughter and joy, sharing stories.

Have Everything Organised For You

Like a holiday where you don’t need to think or plan – it’s all done for you? A timetable, the food, the activities. Just get yourself to the location and then relax - no need to spend hours on TripAdvisor planning, or wasting precious holiday time working out where to go – it’s all planned for you! Having worked as an events manager for 9 years prior to building my yoga business you can guarantee the small details are paid attention too.

Like to join me for a Retreat Autumn? Here are the next few coming up:

Cotswolds Yoga Retreat

Weekend: Friday 30th September - Sunday 2nd October

Details HERE

Salcombe Yoga Retreat

Long Weekend: Friday 14th - Monday 17th October

Weekday: Tuesday 18th - Friday 21st October

Details HERE

Here's a sneak peek of a Katie J Yoga Retreat:

Here's a review from Leanne who attended my Salcombe Retreat in October 2021:

I really loved our time in Salcombe. The retreat was really well organised and well balanced between activities and free time/relaxation. I feel like I learnt more about yoga and improved my practice via Katie's excellent teaching. I genuinely feel like myself again after a very stressful few months and would highly recommend a retreat with Katie.


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