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Wellbeing Wednesday – Lets Talk

Who’s living with a niggle in the back of their mind, that at anytime from anywhere you could pick up an invisible virus. And maybe, like me, you’re not even worried about getting the virus yourself, but worried about the transmission and how this could cause an impact to your loved ones, friends and community.

You try to follow the rules but they are confusing, you don’t really know where you stand. ‘Stay in, go out, stay in but not if you want to spend money’… the rules keep changing and change is scary, change is unsettling. Uncertainty is unsettling.

I think as a society we are getting to the end of our resilience, we just want it to all go back to normal, but we know this winter is going to be tough.

There are going to be ups and downs, and lets face it no-one really knows where we will be by Christmas, whether progress will be made by the virus or the UK population.  As we go through these down moments, here are a few things I’ve found really help to pick me back up again, and I hope they can help you too:

  1. Get outside – Go for a jog or a walk, this gives you a dose of endorphins from the exercise and Vitamin D from the sunshine, both helping to pick up your mood.
  2. Know who to call – Have someone on your contact list that you can call when you need a little encouragement and support, whether this is your mum or best friend.
  3. Take yourself away from social media – Stop comparing your life to everyone’s highlight reel – give yourself a break from the scrolling and instead read a book, find a hobby, be grateful for what we do have.
  4.  Take time for Self Care – whether that’s making sure you have time at the end of a long day for a bubble bath, or letting yourself sleep in on a Sunday. Listen to what your body needs.

Need time for Self Care this weekend?

Join me for a FREE Virtual Retreat at 10am on Sunday 25th October.

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The theme will be Letting Go. Expect Yin Yoga, Meditation, Journalling and Relaxation. Get ready to switch off and escape the outside world.

Hope this helps, Katie xx