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Wellbeing Wednesday – Ride the Waves

I love the ocean, having been brought up on the south coast of Devon I was lucky enough to have the ocean on my doorstep as a child. The feeling of sand underfoot, the sea breeze in my hair, the excitement of running into the waves, you can’t beat it.
So when I read this poem by Nikki Banas I completely connected with it:
When tough times come your way, you really only have two options. You can either fight the waves or you can ride them. You can spend all of your energy wishing things were different and wishing that situations and people would change. You can spend your precious time fighting against reality and all that is – or you can let go and ride the waves. You can soften. You can accept that life brings waves, and some waves will be undoubtedly wonderful but others will be incredibly tough. My lovely friend, I hope you learn to ride your waves.
If we are using the analogy of waves, 2020 has been a tsunami. It’s come along and wiped out any sense of normality, destroying the life we once knew. As the poem states, there are two ways we can react here, we can either fight the change, use our precious energy to battle against the pandemic, or we can learn to accept the situation and find softness and acceptance.
By learning to ride our waves, I hope this will bring more contentment, happiness and peace. Don’t beat yourself up about missed opportunities, if they were meant to be it will happen.
As we near the end of the year, and start to reflect, try to be mindful of your energy. We have all had to work hard to adapt to this new normal, in our professional and social lives; celebrate your wins, notice how your appreciation of the little things has shifted, focus on the positive that has come out of this year.

Here are 3 things that I’ll be taking away from 2020:

  1. I’m now self-employed and running my own business, which I would not have done without the push of losing my full time job due to the pandemic
  2. I have spent more time in the UK exploring different walks and trails, finding the beauty in staying local
  3. I have realised how hard I find it to ‘do nothing’ and trying to address this, by finding enjoyment from the stillness

Take a moment to have a think about the 3 things you will be taking away from 2020.

Katie x