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Wellbeing Workplace Yoga Online

Wellbeing Workplace Yoga – Online

Working from home is the new normal for most, and looks likely it will be Spring before we see our colleagues in person again.

From once working in an office myself, surrounded by colleagues, the buzz and collaboration helping the day pass quickly, I understand how making the switch to home working is hard. At these times it’s more important than ever to ensure wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds.

One thing that could benefit us all is getting up out of our chairs and taking time to stretch and move. Coming together from our homes to practice yoga can uplift spirits creating connection, and boost both mental and physical health. There are so many incredible benefits for example; releasing tension, improving posture, balance and strength, giving people the time to pause. By moving our bodies, allowing the mind to pause we can reset and see problems from different angles, sometimes it’s the space we need to solve a problem.

Not only is the practice of yoga good for our physical and mental health, but it’s also wonderful to know that your employer has got your back. They are looking out for you, understand that we’re all going through a tricky time at the moment and want to include something into the weekly routine that can help. They understand that outside of working hours it may be difficult to squeeze in time for exercise, so allow you time to practice.

“I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.” – Richard Branson

Keeping staff motivated is the key to a successful business, and corporate wellness programmes such as a weekly yoga class can boost mood and moral of employees. I recently held online yoga classes for Salesforce/MuleSoft, with the following feedback:

“Katie kindly ran a great session and offered subsequent classes for our UK team. As part of an initiative to get people more active and breaking up the Digital fatigue, she catered for all standards and capabilities, making it engaging and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Katie and we look forward to running more initiatives with you in 2021.” – Salesforce/MuleSoft

wellbeing workplace yoga

In a time when we’ve been stripped of our usual freedom, why not take it back to basics. Back to connecting the mind and body, focusing on the breath. This simple notion of finding stillness and focusing on the breath can calm us down when stress levels are high, helping us feel more relaxed and therefore productive.

Classes can be arranged at a time that would suit you, and run via Zoom. This could be a dynamic morning or lunch time class, or maybe a wind down class before the end of the day. I will cater to the class type and level most suitable for your staff.  Classes cost £60 for 45 minutes or £50 for 30 mins. You could book a one-off as a team building activity or a weekly class. If based in or near Bath, I’d be happy to look at the option of taking classes in person when conditions allow.

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