I help people who are stuck in a cycle of stress & burnout, teaching them how to prioritise their own wellbeing

I support clients who want to work on both their physical and mental health. Build energy, strength and flexibility within the body, stillness in the mind. 

I help clients understand the importance of self-care and being kind to themselves.

Through yoga & mindfulness find a moment to pause, switch off from the stress and worry. Learn techniques that can help when anxiety creeps in, equip yourself with a mindset to better cope with the demands of the day.

Join me on the journey to find balance and calm in your life.


In Person Yoga Classes & Events

Join me every Tuesday Evening, 18:30-19:30 at Kingswood Pavilion, Lansdown, Bath, click HERE

For workshops and events click button below


Staff Wellbeing

Would your team benefit from an online yoga class? A one off session for a conference, or a weekly class to help reduce stress and build strength and resilience.


Katie J Yoga Retreats

Join me in Salcombe or the Cotswolds! You deserve a break away.

Time to dedicate to yoga & mindfulness.

Relax, reconnect, pause.


Katie is such an amazing teacher. I look forward to and enjoy every one of her classes. She is very knowledgable, has an extremely supportive approach to teaching and her instructions are very clear. Katie’s online classes have been a real oasis of calm during this uncertain time and she is always offering new exciting concepts and classes which add real variety. I would wholly recommend her online and ‘in person‘ classes.



Breathe Connect Discover

Looking to bring stillness to the mind, energy in the body?

Ready to prioritise YOU! Start taking accountability for your wellbeing via the medium of yoga and mindfulness?

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