Retreat Terms & Conditions

By paying the deposit you agree to the Terms & Conditions below, please let Katie J Yoga know if you have questions before payment. Once the deposit payment has been paid the booking is confirmed.

Contact Details

Phone: 07525174584


Our Agreement

Standard information about arrangements can be found on the relevant Retreat website (,,,

Once deposit payment has been made a binding agreement between Katie J Yoga and the client will be made forming the basis of a contract between the two parties. Please read details below carefully and ask Katie J Yoga any questions on things which you need further clarity on.

Once deposit payment has been made, if you decide to cancel you will be liable to cancellation charges outlined in cancellation section below.

If Katie J Yoga needs to cancel or postpone the Retreat due to ill health, under-subscription or any reason outside of her control you will be informed at the earliest convenience and offered a transfer to another Katie J Yoga Retreat, or receive a refund. If the transfer to a different Katie J Yoga Retreat occurs and your new room is more expensive or cheaper than the original price paid an additional invoice or part refund will be made accordingly.

Katie J Yoga will do everything in her control to ensure the agreed upon arrangements take place. She reserves the right to make insignificant changes. If a significant change has to be made in the agenda it will be substituted by an equal counterpart as a replacement. If there is any issue arising from this please raise at the time of communication and we can work together to find a solution. Please note the itinerary in marketing material is only proposed and subject to change, a final itinerary will be provided during the month your retreat will take place. Once at the Retreat you will be informed at the earliest opportunity if anything has had to change for example due to the weather forecast.

Katie J Yoga will endeavour to ensure marketing information provided to guests is error free, in the unlikely event an error appears she reserves the right to correct in such circumstance. Please check all details on receipt so any errors can be dealt with immediately.

 Payment, Cancellation & Changes

Payment: Overnight Retreats

Bookings are taken via We Travel, in order to make the booking you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit payment of £100 per person to confirm the booking (£100 for single room, £200 for double occupancy, £300 for triple occupancy). Remaining payment required approximately 2 months prior to event. You will be sent reminders for payment prior to the due date. If you have confirmed your place at a Retreat by paying the deposit, but Katie J Yoga does not receive full payment by the date requested she will send a follow up email. If payment still hasn’t been made after 7 days a late fee of £5 will be added. This will increase by £5 increments each week until the 4th week, see below:

0 - 7 Days – Grace period

8 - 14 Days - £5 late fee

15 - 21 Days - £10 late fee

Where payment is more than 21 days late Katie J Yoga reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled, will keep the non-refundable deposit and re-advertise the room.

Cancellation: Overnight Retreats

If you wish to cancel your place at a Retreat after the deposit payment has been made you must inform Katie J Yoga in writing as soon as possible ( The guest & Katie J Yoga will try to find a replacement for the booking – if a replacement is found a refund (minus non-refundable deposit) will be returned to the guest. The person taking the replacement must pay the agreed amount to confirm the exchange. If a replacement cannot be found the guest is still liable to full payment and will need to claim on their travel insurance. It is a condition of booking that all guests must have full comprehensive holiday insurance including cancellation, medical and third party cover.

Changes: Overnight Retreats

Changes will be accommodated where possible – but not always possible depending on the request. Changes cannot be made less than 2 months from the Retreat start date.

If you need to change your room at a Retreat this will incur a £25 fee.

If notified more than 2 months before the event date, it is possible to postpone your booking to another Katie J Yoga Retreat, however this will incur a £75 fee. There are no changes allowed once the full payment has been made (2 months prior to the Retreat).

Day Retreats

Full payment is required on booking, this is non-refundable, but transferable to another Retreat Day if you are no longer able to attend with a minimum 1 month warning. There will be a £25 admin fee to change the booking, plus any additional fee if the Retreat Day you are being moved to has an additional cost. If you need to cancel with less than a month to the Retreat Day you need to find a replacement to receive a refund, once your replacement has paid you will receive a refund minus a £25 admin fee.


All guests attending must have full comprehensive holiday insurance including cancellation, medical and third party cover. All personal belongings of the client are the sole responsibility of the client. Katie J Yoga accepts no responsibility for loss or damage. If you choose to travel without insurance Katie J Yoga will not be responsible for any losses which may arise.

Book System

 Katie J Yoga takes bookings via We Travel, they will send you automated follow up emails in the run up to final payment being made. Please note the transaction on your bank account will show as 'Mango Pay'. 

Special Requests

Please let Katie J Yoga know if you have any special requests prior to booking. Whilst she will try her best to meet any special requests this cannot be guaranteed. Please note this includes any dietary requirements that you may have.


Guest obligations: to keep the property and furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, bedding and towels clean and in good condition and be responsible for paying to repair any damage caused by you during the Yoga Retreat. If you break or damage any item please let Katie J Yoga know at your earliest convenience so she can get a quote for repair, which will then be invoiced to you. Please note use of the venue is at your own risk, if you notice anything which may cause any safety concern please inform the Retreat host as soon as possible so it can be fixed.

If you accidentally leave any items at the venue these can be forwarded on with a minimum handling fee of £20 plus postage, anything unclaimed will be disposed of after 28 days.

If any unforeseen circumstance occurs and the venue has to cancel booking due to a fault or matters outside of their control, Katie J Yoga will try to secure a similar venue, or propose a new Retreat date.

At the Cotswolds Yoga Retreat, use of the private lake is at your own risk.

At the Portugal Yoga Retreat, use of the private lake and pool is at your own risk.

For your safety please only use lake/pool if you can competently swim 50m.


Photographs/ videos may be taken throughout the Retreat to capture the magic of the event, and used within Katie J Yoga marketing materials and social media. If you'd prefer not to be included in photos/videos please let Katie J Yoga know at the time of booking.

Health Policy

Katie J Yoga is not qualified to express an opinion that you are fit to safely participate in any yoga classes. You must obtain professional or specialist advice from your doctor before participating if you are in any doubt. Where possible the instructor will offer suitable modifications or adjustments and practices to suit different levels of experience and ability. Always follow the teacher’s safety instructions and listen to your body. Where a movement or class is beyond your experience or ability, feels too difficult for you, or you experience any physical or emotional discomfort, please do not continue.

A health questionnaire form will be sent prior to attending, please ensure this is completed and returned prior to the Retreat.

Please declare any dietary requirements on booking, note that it may not be possible to cater for all dietary requirements so these need to be stated prior to payment. 


Please respect your guests during the Retreat, do not do anything that may reasonably be considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to guests or the neighbouring premises. A zero tolerance policy is operated and Katie J Yoga has the right to remove violent or disruptive guests from the property in order to safeguard.


If you experience any issues during your Retreat please let Katie J Yoga know as soon as possible, so she can rectify the problem there and then, if that is not possible she will look to provide you with a fair reasonable reason why and compensation if applicable. If you need to call, contact 07525174584. Katie J Yoga cannot accept liability if not informed immediately.

In the event of a dispute between parties it shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the English courts only and any actions shall be heard in the court for the area in which the property is situated. Any contract shall be governed by English law and interpretation.